Album Cover

Rhythm and Dues
introducing Jim Neary

  1. Under Lock And Key
  2. Don’t Need No Guru
  3. The Ballad Of Freddy Barker
  4. I Still Love You
  5. You’ve Been Lyin’ MP3
  6. Sorry, But We’re Closed
  7. Yeah Yeah Yeah
  8. Silver Spoon MP3
  9. Kings And Queens (instrumental)
  10. Barbra Q MP3
  11. Watch
  12. Here Comes A Broken Heart
  13. You Got Me Cryin’
  14. Like It Or Not
© 2009, James R. Neary, Words & Music

Jim Neary
Ever since my childhood I have been enthralled by popular music - especially rock and rhythm and blues - and although my influences would be too many to list, one record in particular stands out in my mind. The In Crowd by Ramsey Lewis was, and still is, one of my favorite recordings. With the piano alone up front and the solid groove of the rhythm section, what else did you need? Of course my style is nothing like his, and it would be ludicrous of me to consider comparing myself to Mr. Lewis, but that is the excellence I chase and strive for though light years ahead of me. I do know that, not withstanding different degrees of technical ability and levels of competency, every musician has a voice of his own — style unique to him or her self, many similar but not exactly alike. I love playing the piano and singing and I love writing songs. Though many of my songs come from a rhythm and blues standpoint, song writing to me has limitless possibilities, as far as the imagination allows. These songs are a small sample of my style. I hope you enjoy them and I hope that this is just the beginning and that there is much more to come. Sincerely, Jim Neary Thanks to Rita for the pics! Recorded, engineered, mixed & mastered by Dynamic Recording Studios Rochester, NY

Rhythm and Dues - Jim Neary

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